Functions of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation

The following are the authorities, functions and responsibilities of BPC specified by the law:

  • Collection and importation of crude petroleum and other refined petroleum products
  •  Processing of crude petroleum and production of different grades of petroleum products
  •  Establishment of petroleum refinery and other associated facilities;
  •  Production of base-stock ,necessary additives and other chemicals and
  •  Importation of lubricating oil
  •  Production of lubricating oil by blending; establishment of plants for recycling of used lubricants
  •  Establishment of infrastructure and adoption of necessary steps for processing of refinery residue products
  •  Planning and implementation of petroleum product storage facilities
  •  Collection/building of intercontinental oil tankers
  •  Building necessary facilities and their extensions for marketing of petroleum products
  •  Act as managing agent for signing of agreements with firms or companies for petroleum importation, storage, distribution and marketing in the country
  •  Monitoring, coordination of the subsidiary companies of BPC and any other functions and responsibilities as directed by the government.


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